Understanding the Danger: Why Prop A Poses a Real Threat to Lubbock

What Does Prop A Provide?

  1. Does not legalize sales. Prop A does not legalize marijuana sales. Texas law makes it illegal to sell marijuana, and this cannot be changed by any municipality. 

  2. Not about Medicinal use. Prop A does not advance medicinal marijuana. The Texas Compassionate Use Program (TCUP) is the appropriate avenue for such discussions.

  3. Limited Enforcement Scope. This only will apply to the Lubbock Police Department. Other law enforcement agencies, with jurisdiction in our city, will continue to enforce the law. 

  4. This is not a “home-grown” or grassroots effort. Make no mistake, Prop A is part of a state-wide effort by well-funded community organizers from Ground Game Texas, intent on defunding police departments in order to change the priority of law enforcement. 

  5. Defunds and Handcuffs LPD. Prop A restricts LPD’s ability to use discretion in enforcing state law and will demoralize police ranks. 

  6. CBD v.Marijuana. CBD, which is legal and used for various health issues, is not the same as marijuana, which is illegal and can be laced with dangerous substances. 

  7. Risks to Youth and Public Safety. Prop A seeks to normalize marijuana use among youth and poses serious risks to public safety, as evidenced in other states where recreational marijuana has been legalized.